There are a number of different programmes available at Banbury Hill and there is more information about them below.  If you would like to find out more about any of our programmes, please contact us.

Nurtured by Nature
Nurtured by Nature is our programme to help improve people’s mental and physical well-being by being with nature. Sometimes called ‘eco therapy’ or ‘green mental health’, here at Banbury Hill there are weekly sessions for adults looking to find an alternative way to improve their well-being.

Positive Parenting with Ponies
Equine assisted learning and interacting with ponies is just one of the ways that parents can learn how to listen and communicate more effectively with children and young people. Sessions take place out of doors with the ponies. There is no riding as all activities take place from the ground.

Never Too Old
If you are on your own, feeling lonely and in need of some social interaction, then the ‘Never Too Old’ programme is for you. There is time to socialise with other people who are aged 50 and over, develop new skills by spending time in the garden, looking after the ponies or helping with the development of the pond and meadow.

Creative Writing
Banbury Hill is a beautiful, peaceful spot in which to release the creative writer in you. You’re welcome to join whether or not you have done any creative writing before. Bring your own favourite notebook and pen - or we can supply one for you. If you’d like to take part in creative writing and find it hard to write these days, then we can find alternative ways to help you either by providing someone else to scrtibe for you or by providing audio or video tape.


Maths is one of those areas that can be particularly difficult for children and young people but is an essential life skill. The Maths programme is led by an experienced maths teacher who understands what it means for children to be working below the expected level for their age. Maths can be fun and relevant when it’s linked to the outdoor learning setting at Banbury Hill.

The Power of Ponies
The equine assisted learning programme is available for individuals or groups and involves spending time with ponies out of doors. These programmes are often used by schools, employers and mental health professionals to help children, young people and adults to manage their emotions, develop self esteem and self confidence as well as gain nationally-recognised qualifications.

Nationally-recognised Qualifications 
Qualifications are available through our accreditation with EAQ. There is a huge range of subjects from horse awareness through to gaining skills for employment. If you would like to know more, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

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